Mental Illness

The sounds I am hearing are not from this world

And the thoughts I am having are painfully grim

No graceful words can describe a delusion

No insight can be formed in poetic expression

Because it is the most simple and raw form of human emotion

That keeps me awake all through this night

The doctor said it may pass or it won’t

Only time and perseverance will tell

So I write poems pleading for the Lord’s gentle love

Embarrassing myself in front of strangers I’ll never meet

Stronger than life

Welts are growing on my chin

Scabs are glazing under the muscle

Deep impacts from the knife

Scar tissue

When it all breaks

I lean on my mistakes

Cause I can come alive

Love will break the chains

I’m invincible

My legs are throbbing

From the battle

Swords are heavy

So I use my fists instead

Bashing life’s head in

Feels more satisfying anyways

I have a few words to share

With the demons that haunt me:

Kiss my ass


The war ripped my head off

Splayed my arms wide and tied them off

So there wouldn’t be much fighting

But I still grit my teeth and spit

A whole lot of things can kill me

But this isn’t it, this isn’t it

I survive on a fierce breathing

Far from success, farther from death

Life is pumping iron and shadow boxing

But my chest is big and heaving

I stand face to face with gods

Asking for the hammer and the fist

They offered the belt but I say fuck it

Give me the hammer and the fist

Because fuck them