Today we sat on the grass by the lake

Watched boats tugging tubes

The tree hung lazily in front of our eyes

And for a moment I was lost

Because it was better than a book or a story

I witnessed life without fear

I don’t know that I felt anything

Just alive

I would have stayed longer

But there was work to be done



I’m afraid of the hand that writes

Because I share what’s inside

My guts spill out for strangers

And I have nothing but rawness

No elegance or skill belongs to me

I’ll explode if I don’t express myself

Why do I feel like apologizing

For taking up your time

Delusions of grandeur

I’m haughty in my glory

Yeah I’ll admit I’m arrogant

But my egos always been fucked

It’s on one end or the other

I like it better this way

Some day I’ll find the middle ground

For now I’ll ask for your worship

Just look at where I came from

And you’ll know I deserve the acclaim

Cause’ not that long ago I was crawling

It’s delusions of grandeur

That’s fine with me

I’m my own biggest fan

I owe myself the honor

For being so hard on myself


Lord if you hear me

And if you are kind

I could use a little comfort

To ease my mind

I’m happy with progress

And the way that things are

But there’s still a black surface

Resting under the scar

I’m not the same person

Inside and out

Some things are better

Others bring doubt

I ask that you lift me

Up out of this haze

Give my life purpose

And show me your ways