Prayer for your return

Lord I’m coming undone

Surely I am not at peace

Why has this befallen me?


Where did my smile go?

The happiness I felt yesterday

Is it gone like the wind?


Have I overstimulated myself?

I feel like it’s all too much

Perhaps I need to sleep


But how do I escape this paradox?

I cannot sleep because I am anxious

And I am anxious because I do not sleep


I need you Lord

Oh god I need you so much

Where have you gone?


Return to me swiftly

Please I am asking you

To bring your Love to me


Can’t sleep

Lord suddenly I am

Lost and I feel like

crying out in my

Lack of understanding


Today was well liked and

Worth living for so why

Do I feel this sudden

Pain in my chest?


This fear is unquestionably

A reaction to the daunting

Unrecognizable future

That will hold no bounds


It is not just death that

I fear, it is the surety of

Mistakes and the loss

Of Loved ones I may face


It could all come crashing

Down in an instant and I

Am so afraid Lord of my

Frailty in this life


Will I be a man and face

The days to come or will

I back down like the

Coward I once was


I need to release pent up

Emotions that tug on the

Corners of my heart and

Grip me in my sleep


So help me Lord to get

The pain out of my body

And let go of the heavy

Burden that I face daily


I need to cry, I need to

Vent and though I push

And I push the feelings

Will not exit my mind


I’m all caught up in my

Anxieties and though it is

Early morning I feel the

Weight of the day already


I have things to accomplish

And mountains to climb so

Please answer me Lord before

I succumb to my depression



You took care of

Me when I fell

Below the earth


Answered my

Prayers when

God wouldn’t


And dealt with

My insecurities

With understanding


You went through

Hell with me

And still forgave


I do not deserve

Your unconditional

Love and passion


Without you I

Am the wanderer

Lost in the world


The foundations

You’ve constructed

Are firm and robust


Now it is my

Turn to build for

Us an ark


To sail through

The treacherous

Ocean of Love


And be a sturdy

Man that you

Can depend on


Put your hand

On my chest

Do you feel

My heart

Beating hard?


It’s because


Overtakes my

Mind and

My body


And when you

Brush your

Tongue on

My neck

It is rapture


Our Love

Is sacred





Your anatomy

Pushes my

Throttle hard

I lose myself

Clutching you


And I Love

To fall asleep

With you resting

Gently between

My arms

Making Love

Gently I

Smooth out

The sheets


Set the Blanket

Aside, we won’t

Need it


I kiss

Between her

Shoulder blades


Pull off her

Yoga pants

With force


We always

Start slow

Building tempo


She likes

My tender



And when

I tease

Her thighs


We share

All of



One mind





That lasts

For hours


I am


By her


Our Love

Is raw



At the end

I grasp

Her firmly


Pull her

Breasts to

My chest


And our heartbeats

Become one

Pulsating rhythm

Listenin’ to music and Writin’ poetry 5

Always new dreams keep the challenge

Satisfaction earned from hardship


I don’t give a fuck if I’m late

You haven’t seen the mud I swam through


Yeah judge me all that you need to

I won’t let you drag me under


I’ll die trying, I’ll suffocate on my success

Bury me thrashing to accomplish something


I know now that when I fall

I can claw my way back up again


I’m a strong individual with good intentions

I push boundaries and dare myself daily



It’s time to gamble

Yeah poker face straight

Those aren’t aces

But there’s a King in my hand


If I play em’ right

Yeah I might bluff you out

Stack my chips up high

Got you spinnin’ on tilt


It’s not a game Lord

But it feels like one


The odds are in the devils favor

Yeah He’s got a joker wild

Pulling on a jack

But He’s the fucking joker


See I got a queen too

Yeah she’s sexy Lord

And Maybe I don’t need to bluff

Not when she’s got my back


And when the flop comes down

I’ll double raise the bastard


Diamond on the turn

Yeah it’s all the wrong suit

And He’s grinning at me now

Sweat pours down my neck


It’s up to you now Lord

Yeah I have to keep betting

I got top pair with Queens

And my King is holding fast


The river comes and I don’t even look

Cause I’m all in no matter what


To myself

What are you afraid of?

Do not be foolish

Are you not still breathing?

Have you not been blessed

With a sturdy heart?


What mountain has stopped you?

You have climbed many

Would you falter on this foothill?

Keep steadfast and true

Are you not proud of yourself?


Are you not a better man?

You have proven yourself before

Have you not seen hell?

You know it like your own hand

So how could you become lost again?


Are you not Loved?

Not all are blessed that way

Can you not trust again?

You are worthy

So what are you afraid of?


The way of the warrior

Is danger and loss

Honor and courage



Fight through fatigue

Though you are tired

You must push on

Master your depression


Accept sacrifice

Protect your mission

Drop your shield

And take up your sword


The time for war has come

Cowardice will not serve you

Be brave soldier

There are others to save


Seek not providence

You are already dead


Have courage

Trust the wary path

It leads you somewhere

Perhaps to your death

But the path is yours


No other man can walk it for you

It belongs to you alone


Accept the beauty that is

Regret nothing

Fear everything

But walk with courage


Guaranteed is your downfall

Not is your rising


So let the pain wash over you

Cry out if you need to

Pick yourself up from the ground

And dust of your shoulders


Stillness is not your calling

Do not stay in the light


Instead gaze into the dark

Brush fingers with danger

Set sight on greatness

And fall wherever you may