A simple poem feels lacking in spirit

Yet the harder I try for elegance

The closer I am to pretentiousness

My place is somewhere in between

Where words have depth and meaning

Without reaching into a bag of tricks

It’s a thin line to walk

That I find myself falling on either side of



I feel funny posting these poems about weightlifting without admitting that I’ve only been doing it for a month and a half. A big part of motivating myself is getting pumped up about it, so I’m just writing how I feel about doing it. I’m not a beast (yet!). I’m working on my self esteem as much as I’m working on lifting heavier weights. So my poems might seem a little over the top or like I’m bragging (with nothing to back it up). I’m just trying to fake it until I make it. And it seems to be working because the more I pump myself up the better I feel about myself.

Anyways just thought I would add this little disclaimer because my poems are probably going to be pretty boastful and silly for awhile. Sorry! I’ve already made some progress in the past month or so and I’m proud of that. My poetry is my outlet for expression, and since starting to work out I feel great! I’ve always worked out on and off, but never really did a set program. I’ve been doing benchpress and curls twice a week (LOL!) for the past month, consistently at least. Yesterday I started a real program called Phraks. It’s a full body workout 3 days a week. Trying not to screw around anymore, so I’ve been learning about weightlifting a lot lately. I’m also super excited because my girlfriend is going to do the same program with me when she comes over to visit.

I’ve gained about 10 pounds since the end of June. I won’t post my numbers because they’re still not super amazing. The only thing I will say is that the weights have gone up by five pounds every workout. Some days I struggle to get the reps but I’m always adding more weight. The weight I started at feels more like a warm-up compared to what I am lifting now.

To anyone thinking about starting a exercise routine, I encourage you to just pick something and start. People who know me have noticed a physical difference in under 2 months of work. It feels awesome!



I’m gonna go ape shit on this stack of iron

Growling and roaring like a fucking lion

You can’t stop the stampede man

Cause I’m strong like ox, big like bison


Pulling the bar like a great white shark

Biting and snarling until I hit my mark

I’m a bull out the cage man

Wide like a rhino , thick like a silver back


I’m building my legs like tyrannosaurus rex

Racking up plates on my chimpanzee chest

I’ve got the heart of a tiger man

You’ll know I’m an animal when my arms is flexed


I do my best to carry my own weight

Leaving my whole body shaking and sore

Heart raw from straining and flexing


Gravity pulls hard

With little time for rest

I gasp for oxygen


Until I lose my breath and stumble

The heaviness shifting and starting to fall

Threatening to pull me under again


She embraces me

Whispering love


So that I am able to steady my walk

Squaring my shoulders under the burden

Reassured in my precarious footing


She ignites flames

That illuminate my soul

So that I may move


The dark and heavy are challenging

But her will to see me through is my revival

Humbling me on my road to survival

Put the weight on the bar

Got a hope and a calling

No more goddamn stalling

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Cut out the shame and the fear

Shift my life into gear

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Fail hard and fail often

Say to hell with caution

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Cut out the bad and the toxic

You can’t be in my life if your catastrophic

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Appreciate my love and my blessings

Understand that life is always testing

Put the weight on the bar

And lift



God it was like a car hit me in the chest

And when I got up again I was never the same

You said that you will love me always

Oh Lord why can’t I believe it



Make me raw again

Oh God make me raw again

I want to feel the nerves in my flesh


Will I ever be me, the way you made me?

Can I ever let go of the blocks that I built?


Lord let me in please oh God let me in